36.21.648    CASING OPENINGS

(1) There shall be no opening in the casing wall between the top of the casing and the bottom of the required casing seal except for pitless adapters, screened vents (inverted u-construction) , measurement access ports, and grout nipples installed in conformance with these standards.

(a) All pitless adaptors must be installed according to manufacturers specifications.

(2) In no case shall holes be cut in the casing wall for the purpose of lifting or lowering casing into the well bore, unless such holes are properly welded closed and watertight prior to placement into the well bore.

History: 37-43-202(3), MCA; IMP, 37-43-202(3), MCA; NEW, 1986 MAR p. 1699, Eff. 10/17/86.