(1) Any child placed in a licensed youth foster home is eligible for respite care allowance if:

(a) the child is expected to be in placement for more than 30 days;

(b) the department is making foster care payments for the child; and

(c) the child is:

(i) developmentally disabled and is either on a respite care waiting list or is otherwise not eligible for the respite care program of the developmental disabilities division; or

(ii) "medically demanding", e.g. non-ambulatory; or

(iii) suffering from severe emotional problems which are manifested in serious behavior problems.

(2) The amount of the respite care payment(s) shall not exceed:

(a) $4 per hour per child for up to 8 continuous hours;

(b) $32 per child for more than 8 hours and up to 24 hours.

(3) The amount of respite care payment(s) per child per year shall not exceed 111 hours for each placement.

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