(1) The administrative official of the eligible public school district shall submit a "Traffic Education Program Reimbursement Request" (a certified list of pupils who have completed a state-approved traffic education program) on or before July 10 for all students who completed the program during the preceding fiscal year.

(2) Reimbursement per student shall be based on the completion of at least 50% of the classroom portion and 50% of the behind-the-wheel portion of the course, and minimum age requirements.  Reimbursement per student shall be paid whether the student passed or failed the course.

(3) On or before August 31 of each year, the superintendent of public instruction shall disburse to the eligible public school districts the amount of traffic education reimbursement money to which they are entitled based on the number of students listed on the reimbursement forms and on the money available for reimbursement in the state traffic education account.

(4) Traffic education reimbursements received by eligible public school districts must be deposited in the district's traffic education fund and shall only be expended for traffic education related expenses.

(5) State reimbursement for traffic education shall not be issued to public school districts that provide traffic education with unapproved teachers or operate a traffic education program not in compliance with Montana statutory and administrative law.

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