(1) The udders and flanks of all milking cows must be clipped of long hairs. The udders and teats must be washed or wiped immediately before milking with a clean damp cloth or paper towel moistened with a sanitizing solution and wiped dry, or by any other sanitary method.

(2) The milker's outer clothing must be clean and his hands clean and dry. No person with an infected cut or open sores on their hands or arms may milk cows, or handle milk or milk containers, utensils, or equipment.

(3) Cows which secrete abnormal milk must be milked last or with separate equipment. This milk must be excluded from the supply as required in (4) of ARM 32.9.301.

(4) Milk stools, surcingles, and anti-kickers must be kept clean and properly stored. Dusty operations should not be conducted immediately before or during milking. Strong flavored feeds should only be fed after milking.

(5) Milk must be cooled immediately after milking to 45 F. or lower unless delivered to the plant within 2 hours after milking. The cooler, tank, or refrigerated unit must be kept clean.

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