(1) No person may purchase live game birds from within the state except from the holder of a current game bird farm license. Licensees may sell live game birds within the state only if the prospective purchaser is legally entitled to possess live game birds as evidenced by any of the following:

(a) a permit to possess captive-reared birds for noncommercial use;

(b) a permit to kill captive-reared birds in dog training;

(c) a permit to kill captive-reared birds in raptor training;

(d) a permit to release live ring-necked pheasants;

(e) a shooting preserve license;

(f) a zoo or menagerie permit;

(g) a permit to conduct a field trial;

(h) a game bird farm license; or

(i) an active Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program contract between the purchaser and the department for releasing ring-necked pheasants.

(2) An authorized purchaser may also purchase live game birds delivered from outside the state under import permits issued by the Department of Livestock.

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