(1) Exotic wildlife held in captivity must be treated in a humane manner and cannot be restrained with a chain, rope, or other holding device except when necessary to provide appropriate care. Facilities for care of captive exotic wildlife must be maintained in a sanitary condition, be large enough to provide room for exercise, be sturdy enough to prevent escape, and provide protection to the public. Food, water, and shelter must be provided in sufficient quantity and quality to maintain the exotic wildlife in a healthy condition.

(2) Specific conditions for the housing of exotic wildlife may be required by the department. Requirements will be consistent with those under 9 CFR, Ch. 1, Part 3 "Standards for Humane Handling, Care, Treatment and Transportation" and consistent with ARM 12.6.1302.

(3) Adequate veterinary care must be provided to identify and minimize the spread of diseases. All exotic wildlife held in captivity must be in compliance with and are subject to the current Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control.

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