(1) Ballots will be tallied on the day of the election. Within five working days after the tally of ballots, the parties to the election may file objections with the board relating to the conduct of the election or conduct affecting the results of the election. The board agent conducting the election will attempt to notify the parties of the results of the ballot tally. However, in either on site or mail ballot elections the burden is on the parties to confirm the election tally with the board agent assigned to the election.

(2) Objections by a party to the election relating to the conduct of the election or the conduct affecting the results of the election shall be in writing and shall contain a brief statement of the facts upon which the objections are based. An original and three copies of such objections shall be signed and filed with the board, the original being sworn to. The party filing an objection shall serve a copy upon each of the other parties to the election.

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