(1) Every account administrator, except a self-administered account holder, is required to register with the department.

(2) The registration does not need to be in a specific format but it must contain the following information:

(a) the name, address, identification number of the entity, and the names of the owners or officers for a business; or

(b) the name, address, and social security number for a sole proprietorship or partnership.

(3) The account administrator number will be:

(a) the federal employer identification number for a business; and

(b) the social security number of the owner for a sole proprietor or partnership.

(4) Nonregistration does not relieve an account administrator from being responsible for reporting, withholding, and remitting penalties.

History: 15-1-201, MCA; IMP, 15-63-102, 15-63-204, MCA; NEW, 2004 MAR p. 1033, Eff. 4/23/04; AMD, 2013 MAR p. 178, Eff. 2/1/13.