(1) To satisfy the requirements of traffic education content standard 8, a student must acquire behind-the-wheel driving experience under the supervision of a Montana-approved driver education teacher. Under Montana Graduated Driver License regulations (61-5-132, MCA), students are required to obtain additional driving experience under the supervision, from the front passenger seat of the motor vehicle, of a parent, other legal guardian, or some other adult with permission of the parent or other legal guardian, with a valid driver's license.

(2) The benchmarks for traffic education content standard 8 for a student upon completion are the ability to:

(a) acquire at least the minimum number of behind-the-wheel hours over at least the minimum number of days, as required by law, with a Montana-approved driver education teacher; and

(b) acquire additional behind-the-wheel driving experience with their parent, other legal guardian, or some other authorized adult's assistance in a variety of driving situations (i.e., night, adverse weather, gravel road, etc.).


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