(1) An agency that appoints a reserve officer pursuant to 7-32-213, MCA, must submit a completed employment status form to the director within ten days of appointing the reserve officer.

(2) The employing agency is responsible for training the reserve officer. The reserve officer must complete training as prescribed in this rule within two years of the reserve officer's initial appointment

(3) Training must, at a minimum, consist of the courses and hours listed in 7-32-214(1), MCA.

(4) Upon notice of the reserve officer's qualification, made by the reserve officer's agency head to the director on a form approved by the council, POST will issue a reserve officer basic certificate to the reserve officer.


History: 2-15-2029, MCA; IMP, 7-32-214, 44-4-401, 44-4-403, MCA; NEW, 2014 MAR p. 2951, Eff. 12/12/14; AMD, 2017 MAR p. 1953, Eff. 10/28/17.