(1) POST will issue command certificates in the following disciplines:

(a) peace officer;

(b) detention/corrections officer;

(c) probation and parole officer; and

(d) public safety communications officer.

(2) In addition to ARM 23.13.204 and 23.13.205, the applicant for an award of the command certificate:

(a) must possess the discipline-specific supervisory certificate;

(b) must have completed a minimum of 160 hours or more of a POST-approved professional development course or courses on a supervisory, management, or leadership topic; and

(c) must have served satisfactorily as a first-level supervisor currently and for one year prior to the date of application, as attested to by the head of the employing agency.

(3) Officers who believe they are eligible for a command certificate must submit a completed application, with agency administrator approval, to the director. Applications are available from POST staff or on the POST web site.

(a) The director will then review the application and approve or deny the certification, unless the director determines, as a matter of discretion, that the council's review is necessary due to extenuating circumstances.

(b) Upon approval by the director the certificate becomes valid unless the council takes further action.


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