(1) For purposes of implementing section 37-43-303 , MCA, the word "person" shall be defined to mean an individual human being. Water well contractor's or driller's licenses shall only be issued to or renewed for a person (as above defined) upon that person's meeting the appropriate requirements for licensure. The license shall show the information required by ARM 36.21.405 and 36.21.406.

(2) Before any person (as above defined) shall be issued a water well contractor's or driller's license or shall be in the lawful possession and use of such license, he shall first have met the requirements for licensure as established by sections 37-43-303 and 37-43-305 , MCA. No person shall be licensed to engage in the business of a water well contractor or driller by inheritance, purchase, transfer, or by any means other than direct licensure from the board in the manner stated above.

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