(1) When flowing water is encountered in the well, an unperforated well casing shall extend into the confining stratum overlying the artesian zone. The casing shall be adequately sealed into the confining stratum so as to prevent surface and subsurface leakage from the artesian zone.

(2) If the well flows at land surface, it shall be equipped with a control valve so that the flow can be completely stopped.

(3) The well shall be completed with packers or appropriate sealing material that will eliminate leakage around the well casing.

(4) The driller is responsible to use all reasonable methods and care to prevent leakage around the well casing within a reasonable time frame or until the board is satisfied that the leakage is controlled.

History: 37-43-202(3), MCA; IMP, 37-43-202(3), MCA; NEW, 1986 MAR p. 1699, Eff. 10/17/86; AMD, 1997 MAR p. 65, Eff. 1/17/97.