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(1) A hearing may be dismissed when:

(a) the request for a hearing is withdrawn by the claimant or provider or his representative:

(i) except as provided in (1)(a)(ii), the request for hearing must be withdrawn in writing;

(ii) a request for hearing contesting an adverse department action under the Food Stamp program or the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Financial Assistance program may be withdrawn by oral request of the claimant;

(iii) within ten days of an oral request under (1)(a)(ii) the hearing officer must provide a written notice to the claimant confirming the withdrawal request and providing the claimant with an opportunity to reinstate the hearing request as provided in (1)(a)(iv);

(iv) a hearing request that was orally withdrawn under (1)(a)(ii) may be reinstated if the claimant notifies the office of fair hearings within ten days of receiving the confirmation of dismissal under (1)(a)(iii);

(v) if a hearing request is reinstated under (1)(a)(iv), the hearing must be completed within the time frames required by federal law;

(b) the claimant or provider or his representative without good cause fails to appear at the hearing;

(c) the request is not received within the specified time;

(d) either federal or state law requires automatic benefit changes for a class of claimants unless the issue is incorrect benefit adjustments;

(e) the department does not have jurisdiction over the subject matter or the appeal procedure;

(f) the contested action is not an adverse action;

(g) the contested action is not an action of the department, but rather an action of a provider or other person or entity, unless department rule specifically grants a right to hearing with respect to actions by the person or entity;

(h) the claimant or provider is not aggrieved by the contested adverse action;

(i) the hearing request, considered together with other documentation in the record, demonstrates that the only issue is one of constitutionality or other issue beyond the hearing officer's power or jurisdiction; or

(j) the provisions of any other department rule so provides.

(2) A pending hearing may be dismissed when the claimant or provider or his representative fails to respond to or comply with a request or order from the hearing officer, including but not limited to a request or order to inform the hearing officer whether the party wishes to proceed further with the fair hearing case, if the party has been warned that failure to respond or comply will result in dismissal. A hearing dismissed under this subsection may be reinstated by the hearing officer only if the claimant, provider or his representative demonstrates good cause for the failure to respond or comply upon which dismissal was based.

(3) The list of grounds for dismissal in this rule is not exclusive. Unless inconsistent with particular rules in this chapter or other applicable law, dismissal may be granted based upon other principles of general law.


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