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4.4.302    AT LEAST 5% LOSS NEEDED

(1) If any insured claims a loss and no appreciable part of any field shows a loss of at least 5%, the insured may be required to pay the adjusting expense. All loss claims must be filed with the state board of hail insurance at Helena within 14 days after the storm. If any insured grain has been damaged by hail and is ripe enough to harvest before the adjuster appears, the insured may proceed with his harvesting with the exception that he must leave fair, representative samples in each field as directed on the hail loss report form and on the acknowledgement of loss form.

History: 80-2-201, MCA; IMP, 80-2-244, MCA; NEW, 1978 MAR p. 719, Eff. 5/26/78; AMD, 1988 MAR p. 267, Eff. 2/12/88.

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