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(1) Beginning with the 2018 renewal, every active licensee shall affirm an understanding of the duty to complete a minimum of 12 hours of board-approved continuing education (CE) during each renewal period as defined in ARM 24.101.413.

(a) Of the 12 hours, no more than two hours can be in the subject area of philosophy and/or practice management.

(2) Licensees shall complete four hours of CE in professional boundaries and ethics every four-year reporting period. These hours shall be in addition to and not count toward the 12 hours of CE required each year.

(3) New licensees shall:

(a) complete 12 hours of CE between the date of original Montana licensure and the end of the first full renewal period; and

(b) affirm their understanding of the requirement on the second renewal application.

(4) Licensees transferring from inactive to active shall abide by the continuing education requirements of ARM 24.126.701.

(5) An annual random audit of ten percent of active licensees will be conducted to verify compliance with the CE requirements.

(6) Clock hours of CE cannot be accumulated and carried over from one renewal period to the next.

(7) Licensees attending the Montana Chiropractic Association educational meetings must register with the secretary of the association each day of attendance to receive CE credit.

(8) A three-month extension will be provided for all licensees who fail to meet the CE requirements as a result of an audit. Failure to meet this extension may result in disciplinary action.

(9) Any licensee seeking a hardship waiver from their CE requirements shall apply to the board, in writing, as soon as possible after the hardship is identified and prior to the close of licensure for that period.

(a) Specific details of the hardship must be included.

(b) The board must find that a hardship exists.

(c) The waiver may be absolute or conditional.


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