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(1) Operators of custom combines are issued special permits to cover registration, gross vehicle weight fees, overwidth, overlength and overheight, and fuel requirements.

(2) Combines owned and operated by a farmer, used on the farmer's own lands and incidentally moved over the highways from a field owned or leased by the farmer to another field also owned or leased by the same farmer, or to a point for service or returned from service, are not subject to license or gross weight fees.

(3) Combines operated by implement dealers being delivered to a farmer or rancher, or moved from a farm or ranch to a dealer's place of business, or moved from dealer to dealer, are not subject to license of any kind.

(4) Custom combine permits include height up to and including 14 feet 6 inches and width up to and including 15 feet, and length up to and including 95 feet.

(5) Combine headers carried on a trailer may be hauled side by side, however the width may not exceed 12 feet.

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