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24.16.102    DEFINITIONS

(1) "Administrator" means the administrator of the Employment Relations Division, Montana Department of Labor and Industry. The commissioner of Labor and Industry has delegated to the administrator the functions vested in the commissioner.

(2) "Amusement or recreational area" means a location that is characterized as being, or immediately adjacent to, a destination location such as a national park, ski area, or vacation resort area.

(3) "Amusement or recreational establishment" means businesses with locations at an amusement or recreational area, such as the concessionaires at amusement parks, resorts, and ski areas. The term does not include food services or hospitality establishments located in the area, other than direct concessionaires of the primary amusement or recreational area operator.

(4) "Division" means the Employment Relations Division of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry.

(5) "Establishment" refers to a distinct physical place of business rather than to an entire business or enterprise which may include several separate places of business.

(6) "Independent contractor" means an individual working under an independent contractor exemption certificate provided for in 39-71-417, MCA.

(7) "Nonprofit" means a nonprofit corporation as defined in Title 35, chapter 2, MCA.

(8) "Organized camp" means a camp which:

(a) provides a sustained experience with a creative recreational and educational opportunity in a group living setting in the outdoors; and

(b) uses trained leadership and the resources of the natural surroundings to contribute to each camper's mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth.

(9) "Religious or educational conference center" is a meeting center providing for religious, educational and leadership growth experiences for youth or adults.

(10) "Seasonal" means seven months or less.

(11) "Student" means an individual who is attending an accredited school, college or university and is employed on a part-time basis.


History: 39-3-202, 39-3-403, 39-71-417, MCA; IMP, 39-3-201, 39-3-401, 39-3-404, 39-3-405, 39-3-406, 39-71-417, MCA; Eff. 12/31/72; AMD, 2018 MAR p. 439, Eff. 2/24/18.

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