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(1) Designated incident command certification is established for the purpose of promoting standardized incident management and streamlined interagency mutual aid during multi-day or multi-jurisdictional emergencies through the use of a state or federally recognized Incident Command System (ICS). An officer assigned to an ICS command or general staff position is usually a senior officer, trained within a specific area of expertise, who is routinely assigned within a jurisdiction to coordinate or take charge of specific aspects of emergency response or extraordinary circumstances.

(2) The council shall issue incident command certificates designated by:

(a) emergency response specialty; and

(b) area of expertise denoted as any of the ICS command staff positions or any of the general staff positions of planning, logistics, or finance.

(3) In addition to ARM 23.13.204 and 23.13.205, applicants for an award of a designated incident command certificate:

(a) shall possess an intermediate certificate;

(b) shall have completed an approved ICS course;

(c) shall have completed the required hours of additional training and testing for the command or general staff position for which certification is being sought;

(d) shall be trained within a specialized area of emergency response;

(e) shall have successfully served in a command or general staff capacity as attested to on an application by the applicant's agency administrator; and

(f) shall be eligible to respond as overhead support for mutual aid requests outside of the applicant's jurisdiction, as attested to on an application by the applicant's agency administrator.

History: 2-15-2029, MCA; IMP, 2-15-2029, MCA; NEW, 2008 MAR p. 1587, Eff. 8/1/08.

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