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36.12.102    FORMS

(1) The following necessary forms for implementation of the act and these rules are available from the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, P.O. Box 201601, Helena, Montana 59620-1601 and its Water Resources regional offices, or on the World Wide Web at http://dnrc.mt.gov/wrd/default.asp.  The department may revise as necessary the following forms to improve the administration of these rules and the applicable water laws:

(a) Form No. 600, "Application for Beneficial Water Use Permit" (for groundwater developments in excess of 35 gpm or ten acre-feet per year and surface water appropriations):

(i) Form No. 600A, "Criteria Addendum, Application for Beneficial Water Use Permit," information must be submitted for appropriations of less than 4000 acre-feet and 5.5 cfs; or

(ii) Form No. 600B, "Criteria Addendum, Application for Beneficial Water Use Permit," information must be submitted for appropriations of 4000 acre-feet or more and 5.5 cfs or more.

(b) Form No. 602, "Notice of Completion of Groundwater Development" (for groundwater developments with a maximum use of 35 gpm or less, not to exceed ten acre-feet per year);

(c) Form No. 603, "Well Log Report";

(d) Form No. 605, "Application for Provisional Permit for Completed Stockwater Pit or Reservoir" (maximum capacity of the pit or reservoir must be less than 15 acre-feet);

(e) Form No. 606, "Application to Change a Water Right":

(i) submission of this application must include information required by the following criteria addenda, when applicable:

(A) Form No. 606B, "Supplement to Application to Change a Water Right" (for changes in purpose of use or place of use of 4000 or more acre-feet a year and 5.5 cfs or more);

(B) Form No. 606ASW, "Supplement to Application to Change a Water Right" (for salvage water); or

(C) Form No. 606T, "Temporary Change Supplement to Application to Change a Water Right".

(f) Form No. 607, "Application for Extension of Time";

(g) Form No. 608, "Water Right Ownership Update":

(i) Form No. 608A, "Addendum to Water Right Ownership Update Form for Apportioned Water Right".

(h) Form No. 611, "Objection to Application";

(i) Form No. 613, "Fee Schedule for Water Use in Montana";

(j) Form No. 615, "Water Conversion Table";

(k) Form No. 617, "Project Completion Notice for Permitted Water Development";

(l) Form No. 618, "Project Completion Notice for Change of a Water Right";

(m) Form No. 625, "Water Right Correction";

(n) Form No. 626, "Application to Renew a Temporary Water Right Change";

(o) Form No. 630, "Controlled Groundwater Area Petition";

(p) Form No. 631, "Petition for Closure of a Highly Appropriated Basin";

(q) Form No. 634, "Replacement Well Notice" (for municipal wells that do not exceed 450 gpm or for all other wells that do not exceed 35 gpm and ten acre-fee per year);

(r) Form No. 635, "Redundant Well Construction Notice" (for redundant wells in a public water supply system as defined by 75-6-102, MCA);

(s) Form No. 636, "Interim Permit Request";

(t) Form No. 637, "Reinstatement Request" (for reinstating a permit or change authorization);

(u) Form No. 638, "Water Reservation Application for Instream Flow" (for instream flow water reservation applications allowed under the United States of America, Department of Agriculture, Forest Service-Montana Compact, Article VI, section B);

(v) Form No. 640, "Certification of Water Right Ownership Update" (must be completed and submitted to the county clerk and recorder with a Realty Transfer Certificate when a water right is being divided or exempted [reserved] from the property);

(w) Form No. 641, "DNRC Ownership Update, Divided Interest" (use for a water right that will be divided);

(x) Form No. 642, "DNRC Ownership Update, Exempt (Reserved) Water Right" (use for a water right that will be exempted [reserved] from a sale of land and the seller will retain ownership of the water right); and

(y) Form No. 643, "DNRC Ownership Update, Severed Water Right" (use to sever a water right from land. A severed water right does not involve a land sale).

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